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Frequently Asked Questions

How your DJ helps make the day a success

Q-1 – How do I make my day run smoothly?
A-1 – Hire a professional coordinator. Not someone in your wedding party or your best friend – a professional event coordinator (they are worth their weight in wedding cake). They take the lead during your event, and make sure that everyone is on the same page at the same time and take care of any issues.

Q-2 – Why hire a DJ?
A-2 – Two reasons:
(1) The more people you have attending your event, and the more traditional moments you want your guests to know, the more you need someone with a loud voice and a microphone. A DJ will “manage the flow” of your event by letting everyone know what’s going on now, and what’s coming up next.
(2) Knowledge of music. Coming up with music that YOU like is probably pretty easy. But most events have a wide variety of people – 90 year old grandparents, 9 year old nieces and nephews, and everyone in between. A good DJ will have a pretty good idea what all of them like, and should be able to move around all of those different age groups, era’s, genre’s, and styles.

Q-3 – What is the best order of events for a wedding reception (timeline)?
A-3 – The following is a good rule of thumb for the order of “spotlight” moments that need to be announced:

  • Announcement into the reception of newlyweds or newlyweds and wedding party.
  • Announcement of food instructions (buffet, plated, or appetizers).
  • Warning for the upcoming toast. Announcement of filling glass or that champagne is coming around.
  • Introduction of the first toaster
  • Introduction of the cutting of the cake
  • Introduction of the First Dance
  • Introduction of the newlywed and parent dances
  • Everyone dance!
  • Bouquet/garter toss (optional)

There are some slight alterations you can make to the order of events (First Dance can take place after the introduction), but the reason for the order: it goes from everyone sitting (food), some people standing (toast, cake cutting), some people dancing (First Dance, Parent Dances), to everyone dancing. A natural flow makes for smooth transitions.

Q-4 – What kind of music should I pick?
A-4 – If the goal is to get people up to dance, select music that people recognize. It doesn’t matter if it’s the latest coolest band/artist – if a wide variety of people don’t recognize it, they won’t dance to it. Also, select music that reflects the age group of your party. Most events are a wide age group with different tastes. It doesn’t have to be a whole night of it – but one or two songs from all eras is a great idea. A good DJ will be able to give you suggestions (or just leave it to them to pick it). At most events, there are 2 different specific times for music. The first is before and during the cocktails & food (background/atmosphere) and the other is party/dance time. When you select music, note when you want specific songs/artists to be played.

Q-5 – Where can I find music?
A-5 – If you look for music on YouTube, make sure that it’s something that can be purchased. Sometimes, artists will put music on YouTube (or people will post music) that was never released for purchase. DJ’s can’t rip music from YouTube and then charge you to play it. Ripping music from someone and charging you to play it is stealing. ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. are great resources.

Q-6 – How can I help make my party a success?
A-6 – Dance.  Your guests are there because of you.  If you’re out dancing and enjoying the music you picked, your guests will, too.  If you disappear, they will, too.  No amount of begging from the DJ will get people out on the dance floor.  If the reason for everyone being there (YOU) is out on the dance floor having a good time, how can anyone help but come out and join them?

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